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About SHL

We come from a background of repairing chimneys & flues, installing countless stoves & fireplaces and have done so since the 1970’s. All the products & services seen on this site are a result of this 40+ years of experience.

Our Competitive Advantage?

Experienced & Customer Focused in Everything We Do

Our Core Business

We are chimney engineers based in Cork City but operating throughout the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland with a smaller export business selling in Europe.

Our core business is the manufacture and distribution of chimney products through all the main builder merchant groups, independent builder providers, hardware stores & stove / fireplace shops.

Our main product line is a complete range of stainless-steel chimney cowls which we designed here at our Tramore Road facility.

We also distribute premium quality flue components – namely, twin wall flexible liner, AGC thermal wrap, vitreous enamel stove pipe, twin wall rigid liner and a large variety of adapters and fittings which aid fitters when installing our products.

We also provide several additional services, please click on this link to read about these services.

Our Competitive Advantage.

We come from a background of repairing chimneys & flues, installing countless stoves & fireplaces, and have done so since the 1970’s.

We have extensive experience in which products work and those that don’t. Our chimney products are all designed with the professional fitter in mind, with the objective of making his or her installation job easier and timelier.

We explicitly trust the products we sell & since we started this business we have used / installed each of the products you see on this website. They are sold in hundreds of showrooms throughout Ireland; therefore, we know they are proven to work and last – we would not sell them if they didn’t.

We are extremely customer focused. Our business customers come first. We always try to deliver orders on time, we strive to be always polite and helpful, whether it is in person, on the phone or via email. If we receive an order and realise afterwards that we are out of stock of a particular item, we will always get in contact to alert our customer to this fact. We are aware, that in our industry, it is maddening to only get partial deliveries, especially if the missing component is part of a full flue system.

Our Premises.

Our premises consist of offices, manufacturing & assembly, warehousing (which is stocked all year) and a purpose-built test facility where we constantly examine ways to improve our products, meet the newest EN & test standards, and make adjustments to suit our customer’s needs.

We use industry leading software to help us pick, pack and track stocks and orders. We generate weekly and monthly product category insights to help predict customer demand which in turn allows us to maintain adequate seasonal inventory across all ranges.

Our Team.

Our staff consist of hands-on directors, sales / office personnel, warehouse and assembly operatives, sales representatives and a chimney / stove installation team.

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