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Stove Fitters Telephone Number 021 7355850

Our Online Rebate Structure:

We operate a 2-tier rebate system where if you spend a specific net amount online in any quarter you will get a guaranteed payment the following month paid directly to you by cheque or bank transfer.

  • Tier 1: Spend €10,800+ net = 8% rebate.
  • Tier 2: Spend €5,400+ net = 4% rebate.

Order Size:

Our minimum spend is €450 net per online order and you must spend at least €5,400 net per quarter which equates to only €450 per week x 12 weeks to access these prices and avail of the additional rebates on offer. For example, if you spend €450 per week per quarter (12 orders * €450 = €5400 * 4%) you will get a payment of €216 the following month after quarter end. If you spend €900 per week per quarter you will get €864 (12 orders * €900 = €10,800 * 8%) and so on.

Delivery charges:

On orders between €450 and €900 net delivery is €24.95 net. On orders over €900 net delivery is free. How we deliver: Every order is sent on a pallet – this minimises damages or losses.

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