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Procedure to get a quotation to install a stove in Cork.

A potential customer should get in touch with us via the contact form found here or by calling us on 021 4310999.

We will need your telephone number and Eircode and some extra details.

We will arrange a visit to your home at a time of your choosing where the customer and our engineer will discuss the various options available and the engineer listens and takes onboard exactly what the customer wants to have done.

A visit to the home allows us to work out the exact heating requirement of the customer, where he  or she wants the stove installed, view and overcome any potential pitfalls or problems which then allows us to put together a installation plan, potential component list and finally a price which we always endeavour to keep as low as possible.

We generally provide the final price to the customer within a day and this price is always agreed before we commence work. The commencement date is agreed in advance too.