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You will find specialist chimney information in this section

Because we have been in the chimney game (40 plus years and counting), we are very much aware of what information people need when conducting chimney work or when trying to decide what they need to do or how to do it.

With this in mind, and when we were redesigning our website, we decided it would be a good idea to include a section that provides specialist chimney information – and  free for anyone to read – this information will be especially pertinent to chimney specialists, stove / fireplace fitters or installer or even chimney sweeps. Indeed, we also encourage homeowners familiarise themselves with the information held in this resource section before they commence any chimney work as it could save a lot of money, time and stress.

When trying to decide what information to include, we examined other suppliers/ competitor websites operating in our business sphere to see what they were doing or have published, we obviously wanted to try and offer something more valuable and unique that what was out there. We also brain stormed with all our staff to find out what are the questions most frequently asked of us or the type of information people generally seek from us  We not saying that this resource section is the most amazing piece of work, it isn’t, but what we will do is constantly add to and improve it and keep it up-to-date with fresh information and insights.

Below there are 8 sections covering guides and how-to-do’s, downloads – where you can down load product information, market research carried out by ourselves and othe organisations, buil;ding regulations regarding heat producing appliances in Ireland and the UK, a FAQ and Chimney Terminology section and finally infomation for wholesalers and a trade login page.

We hope it helps you.


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