AGC Thermal Wrap 6″ Box (6 x 950mm length)

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Quick install thermal insulation for Flexible Liner or Single Wall Rigid Flue predominantly used where a wide or very wide chimney shaft is being lined or relined. Instead of pouring many bags of vermiculite insulation around the flue, AGC Wrap slides over the flue immediately insulating the pipe.

AGC Wrap 6″ Box (6 x 950mm length)

When 125mm diameter flexible flue liner is installed in a 9m long square chimney shaft measuring 45cm x 45cm, an installer will use up to 17 bags of vermiculite in comparison to 9m of AGC Wrap resulting in savings of approx 40%.


AGC Thermal Wrap 6"


Technical Info

For measurements and technical drawing, please download our PDF file for this product.