SHL Heat Saving Set & Vent

Tired of your living room being too hot?

The SHL Motorized Air Vent can help to redirect excess heat from your fireplace or stove to another room in your home. This can be a great way to stay warm in the winter without having to worry about your home getting too hot. The SHL Motorized Air Vent is fully remote controlled, so you can easily adjust the direction of the airflow. Additionally, the SHL Heat Saving Set & Vent can help to reduce the amount of heat that is lost up the chimney. By using these products together, you can maximize the efficiency of your heating system and keep your home comfortable all winter long.

With this easy-to-use device, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all winter long. No more worrying about being too hot or too cold – with the SHL Motorized Air Vent, you can have the perfect temperature in every room of your house.

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Remote-controlled indoor vent for perfect heat distribution and transfer of heat between rooms.

9-Speed settings

Near Silent Operation

Distributes warm air into colder adjoining rooms for
added efficiency.

The problem: Significant temperature differences can exist
between heated and cooler adjoining rooms in houses & apartments. A living
room with a stove or fireplace can become too hot and the adjacent room or hallway
may be too cold.

The solution: The Heat Saving Set & Vent ensures heat is evenly
distributed and transferred between rooms, creating a pleasant environment and reducing heating
costs significantly.

A remote-control unit ensures ease of use. Near silent
operation, adjustable with 9 speeds using just 2.5 watts.


SHL Heat Saving Set & Vent = Smart use of excess heat!




  • Heat another room or hallway for free.
  • Even heat distribution between rooms – pleasant feeling everywhere
  • Prevent overheating of the room where the stove or fireplace is situated.
  • Save money on heating costs – by sending heat to another room or hallway
  • Vent can be closed when not in use – less sound travelling.
  • Full control of heat transfer from your stove to another room– 9 speed settings.

 The Heat Saving Set & Vent consists of


1 X 230V motorised ventilator 125mm Ø.

1 X battery-operated remote-control.

1 X controller box (to be mounted flush) with wireless module, including 2 m cable to supply electricity mains to
the ventilator.

1 X white air pipe 125mm Ø, length 250mm.

2 X white poppet valves 125mm Ø.


Installation is easy with a few simple steps.


  • Simply pick the installation spot 0.3m below the ceiling & 0.8m distant from wall end.
  • Create hole in the wall to insert 125mm pipe.
  • Cut the air pipe to match the wall thickness & insert into the aperture.
  • Slide the ventilator into the air pipe.
  • Flush mount the controller box in the wall.
  • Lay the cable from the mains socket (230V) to the controller box & ventilator, then make connections.
  • Seal the wall aperture.
  • Fit poppet valves on both sides of the air pipe.

Detailed instructions inside box



  • 9 power settings, adjustable by remote control.
  • Speed: 700–1500 RPM.
  • Air flow volume: 21–51 m³/h.
  • Power consumption: Max. 2.5W
  • Noise: Max. 48.1 DB at 1 metre.
  • Protection:IP 24 – ventilator and control box to be installed indoors only.
  • Motor:24-volt DC.
  • Wall thickness: Min. 110mm – max. 250mm.