SHL Heat Saving Set & Vent

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Remote-controlled indoor vent for perfect heat
distribution and transfer of heat between rooms.

9-Speed settings

Near Silent Operation

Distributes warm air into colder adjoining rooms for
added efficiency.

The problem: Significant temperature differences can exist
between heated and cooler adjoining rooms in houses & apartments. A living
room with a stove or fireplace can become too hot and the adjacent room or hallway
may be too cold.

The solution: The Heat Saving Set & Vent ensures heat is evenly
distributed and transferred between rooms, creating a pleasant environment and reducing heating
costs significantly.

A remote-control unit ensures ease of use. Near silent
operation, adjustable with 9 speeds using just 2.5 watts.


SHL Heat Saving Set & Vent = Smart use of excess heat!



  • Heat
    another room or hallway for free.
  • Even
    heat distribution between rooms – pleasant feeling everywhere
  • Prevent
    overheating of the room where the stove or fireplace is situated.
  • Save
    money on heating costs – by sending heat to another room or hallway
  • Vent
    can be closed when not in use – less sound travelling.
  • Full
    control of heat transfer from your stove to another room– 9 speed settings.



 The Heat Saving Set & Vent consists of

1 X 230V motorised ventilator
125mm Ø.

1 X battery-operated remote-control.

1 X controller box (to be mounted
flush) with wireless module, including 2 m cable to supply electricity mains to
the ventilator.

1 X white air pipe 125mm Ø, length

2 X white poppet valves 125mm Ø.

Installation is easy with a few simple steps.

  • Simply
    pick the installation spot 0.3m below the ceiling & 0.8m distant from
    wall end.
  • Create
    hole in the wall to insert 125mm pipe.
  • Cut
    the air pipe to match the wall thickness & insert into the aperture.
  • Slide
    the ventilator into the air pipe.
  • Flush
    mount the controller box in the wall.
  • Lay
    the cable from the mains socket (230V) to the controller box &
    ventilator, then make connections.
  • Seal
    the wall aperture.
  • Fit
    poppet valves on both sides of the air pipe.

Detailed instructions inside box


  • 9
    power settings, adjustable by remote control.
  • Speed:
    700–1500 RPM.
  • Air
    flow volume: 21–51 m³/h.
  • Power
    consumption: Max. 2.5W
  • Noise:
    Max. 48.1 DB at 1 metre.
  • Protection:
    IP 24 – ventilator and control box to be installed indoors only.
  • Motor:
    24-volt DC.
  • Wall
    thickness: Min. 110mm – max. 250mm.