Smoking Fireplaces

Does smoke puff out from your fireplace?

We provide this service to homeowners and commercial customers such as pubs, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses who have a fireplace (either large or small) which smokes on start-up or during use or perhaps when the fireplace is being re-fueled.

There are many reasons why a fireplace can smoke but the four most common reasons are:

  • A lack of combustible air, or
  • An incorrectly sized fireplace in relation to the size of the flue.
  • A short chimney.
  • Down draught – where the wind penetrates the chimney.

We can get any fireplace (or stove for that matter) to draught and perform correctly.

To do so, we start by conducting an initial telephone consultation with the client to establish the first few important facts, including the severity of the problem and any unusual situational factors.

We may then schedule a site visit, where we will examine all causal factors.

Depending on the length of travel to the site, a call- out fee may have to be paid to cover this time and cost – but generally this only applies outside of Cork city and suburbs.

After a careful examination, we will then offer you with the most cost-effective solution tailored to your unique circumstances.

Subsequently, you may choose to carry out the work yourself or may employ us to do it for you. When choosing us to complete the job, we guarantee to get your fireplace working properly.

Solutions can include but are not limited to:

  • Manipulation of your fireplace’s size by installation of a metal hood or canopy or other means
  • Installation of an electrical cowl. Electrical chimney cowls come in many different power and air flow sizes. It is advisable to get a chimney specialist size the right one for your needs.
  • Lining of your chimney with the correct diameter flue.
  • Installation of the right chimney cowl.

We have worked on many famous premises down through the years including, Blarney Castle, Dromoland Castle and Michael Flateley’s Castlehyde in Fermoy to name a few.

In the past, we have enjoyed very productive and valuable working relationships with city & county councils and all the main insurance groups operating in the Republic of Ireland.

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