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Chimney Flue Problems

We can resolve any chimney problem

There are many chimney flue problems you can suffer from the most popular chimney problems are listed below:

  1. Rain or birds getting in.
  2. A down draught.
  3. A lack of draught.
  4. Too much or excessive draught.
  5. An up / down problem – smoke rising inside one chimney and being pulled back down an adjoining chimney.

Each of these 5 chimney problems can be resolved by a chimney cowl that we manufacture and supply.

If you have birds or rain getting in, you could fit an anti-bird / anti rain chimney cowl.

For a down draught, a Spinner, Static or H anti down draught chimney cowl can be fitted.

A lack of draught is often solved by an electrical cowl.

With excess draught you should fit either a chimney control (for a solid fuel fireplace) or a 50% modified static (for a stove).

An up / down problem is only solved with a chimney control.

If you know which of the 5 problems you a suffering from, please then read about the product that can solve that issue.

If, after reading about the product on our website, you are happy to purchase, please navigate to our stockist’s section, select the chimney cowl category and then your county and nearest town of residence. You can order the product from this stockist. Our advice would be to ring them first. The phone number is provided with the stockist’s name.

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