Chimney Control 8″ Stainless Steel

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**Please note, the first picture shows the Chimney Control fitted using extra long legs – these can be found in accessories**
The Chimney Control is an extremely useful energy & money saving device which allows you to close the chimney at the top pot.
Spring mounted chimney cowl with a chain attached. This chain drops down the inside of the chimney to the fireplace. The chain allows you to open & close the chimney. Length of the chain is 33 feet (10 metres); therefore this chimney cowl is suitable for a 3 storey building.
The overall adjustment between open & closed is approx. 3 ½ inches (9 cm). Through the use of the chain, this allows a number of control positions.

The ability to fix the Chimney Control at a number of positions gives you a huge degree of control over the following;
* Heat Loss up the chimney:
A huge amount of heat can escape up from an unlit fireplace. A Chimney Control will eliminate this money waster.
* Draught & Fuel Consumption: With a smaller opening there will be less draught & less fuel burned. The chimney control is a draught reducer.
* Flow Reversal: When a chimney is used infrequently it will cool down to the outside temperature. When this happens an airflow reversal can occur. Cold air can sink down the chimney & escape from the fireplace, cooling the room down. Equally, an extractor fan or a second fireplace can draw cold air down the unused chimney. The Chimney Control will stop this.
* Up-down Problem: When two chimneys are back-to-back or very close and one is being used, smoke and fumes can be sucked down the unused chimney and back into the building. A Chimney Control placed on the unused chimney will prevent this re-entry occurring.
* Noise Reduction: Some chimneys are susceptible to external noise levels from wind or even moving vehicles that can sometimes be heard indoors. A fully closed Chimney Control will reduce noise.
* Birds Nesting & Rain Penetration: When the fireplace is not used the chimney control can be closed to stop the birds & rain entering the chimney

Important: This chimney cowl will not prevent a downdraught when open.
Important: This chimney cowl cannot be used with a stove, boiler or any closed appliance.
The Chimney Control is constructed from high grade stainless steel & is suitable for use with solid fuels. Fits 7 inch (180mm) to 9 inch (230mm) circular chimney pots in ceramic, steel & prefabricated materials. Adapters are available for other sizes. Once fitted correctly, the Chimney Control cannot be disturbed by strong winds. With its robust build, competitive price & 1 year guarantee, the Chimney Control has all the qualities to be a winner.
Each chimney control pack contains:
* 1 x Chimney control chimney cowl
* 3 x Strapping legs & claws
* 3 x Wing nuts
* 1 x Strapping band
* 1 x Bolt
* 1 x Operating hook
* 1 x Attachment / adjustment hook
* 1 x Fitting instructions
Diameter: 12 Inch (305mm)
Open Height: 8 1/2 Inches (214mm)
Closed Height: 5 Inches (125mm)
How to Install:
* The Chimney Control incorporates a simple yet effective system of attaching closely to the chimney pot.
* The three claws grip the inside of the chimney pot.
* The three strapping legs are positioned outside the chimney pot.
* Claws & strapping legs are held in place by 3 wing-nuts & a tightly fitting strapping band.
* The chain that is attached to the base of the chimney cowl drops down inside the chimney to the fireplace.
* At the fireplace level, pull the chain until cowl is fully closed. Mark this point on either fire surround or firebrick & fix attachment hook to marked point. Use of a hand drill & two long screws is advised.
* Full fitting instructions are supplied with each chimney control chimney cowl.


Chimney Control 8" Stainless Steel


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