8″ Flue Adapter Pipe Joiner (Manchette)

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8″ Flue Adapter Flue Pipe Joiner

This 8″ 316 stainless steel flue adapter flue pipe joiner is used to join a piece of 8″ flexible chimney flue liner and a 8″ connecting flue pipe such as black vitreous enamel stove flue pipe. An 8″ flue adapter flue pipe joiner is also used to connect 8″ flexible flue chimney liner to a flue gather inside a chimney breast.

The male end (narrow end) of the adapter inserts into the connecting flue pipe and the flexible chimney flue liner is inserted into the wider female end of the 8″ flue adapter flue pipe joiner.

The 8″ flue adapter flue pipe joiner has a wall thickness of 1mm 316 stainless steel and it meets the 2014 Irish Building Regulations.


8" Flue Adapter Pipe Joiner (Manchette)


Technical Info

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