Gradual S/W Adapter 5″ Twin Wall Flue

Gradual S/W Adapter 125mm (5″) Twin Wall Flue – This allows for your Twin Wall Rigid Flue to connect to your single wall solid stove pipe.

Our Italian made rigid twinwall flue system unit is the best on the market. Each piece is made from a single piece of steel and sealed with a laser weld. The thermal insulation is 25mm thick chopped high density rockwool which is pressure injected in at ½ bar or 7.25 psi of pressure, meaning that there are no gaps or voids inside the twin wall pieces which allows it to be installed within 500mm of combustible material. Every unit is sealed top and bottom meaning no possibility of moister ingress, insulation gaps or sagging. Every unit has a tongue and groove joint and a fast-coupling double groove joint clamp. Meaning every unit is positively secured to form a tight rigid fit. The inside of the flue is made of tough 0.4mm thick grade 316 stainless steel, while the outside is made of an attractive grade 304 matt stainless steel. We supply 125mm (5”) and 150mm (6”) in a variety of lengths and angles to suit most stove sizes.  If you and your customer want peace of mind this is the reliable system to go for.

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Gradual S/W Adapter 125mm (5″) Twin Wall Flue – This allows for your Twin Wall […]


Gradual S/W Adapter 5" Twin Wall Flue


Technical Info

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