Aluminium Flashing Unit EPDM (Large)

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This Pitched EPDM Aluminium Roof Flashing Unit measures;

Length: 29 3/4″ / 755mm

Width: 26″ / 660mm

It can be used with pipe sizes ranging from 8″ / 200mm up to 11″ / 280mm in diameter.

It is constructed from aluminium with a wall thickness of 0.6mm and EPDM rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

Tested Temperature Ratings as follows;

Intermittent: 135 degrees Centigrade.

Continuous: 100 degrees Centigrade.

If a higher temperature rating is required (perhaps because your roof is quite low or outside wall temperature of your pipe is high) we suggest you purchase a Silicone flashing unit instead.


Aluminium Flashing Unit EPDM (Large)


Technical Info

For measurements and technical drawing, please download our PDF file for this product.