Aluminium Metal Roof Flashing Unit Silicone (Small)

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This Pitched Aluminium Metal Roof Flashing Unit Small Red Silicone Measures:

Length: 280mm

Width: 280mm

It can be used with pipe sizes ranging from 102mm up to 210mm in diameter.

It is constructed from aluminium with a wall thickness of 0.6mm and red Silicone rubber.

Tested Temperature Ratings as follows;

Intermittent: 260 degrees Centigrade.

Continuous: 225 degrees Centigrade.

This pitched Aluminium Metal Roof Flashing Unit Small Red Silicone is used to bring a pipe securely through a metal roof that has a corrugated profile. This flashing unit ensures a waterproof fit.

To install it correctly, you will need a tube of silicone and some stainless steel self taping screws.


Aluminium Flashing Unit