1m 8″ 316 Flexible Chimney Liner

If you want to purchase a specific length of 8″ or 200mm diameter flexible liner use this particular product but specify the length in the shopping cart. I.E. if you want 5 meters of this product, add a quantity of 5 in the basket / shopping cart and so on.

According to Irish building regulations, 200mm flue should be used on open fireplaces or appliances where the opening measures up to 500mm x 550mm. In practical, real-life senarios, this applies to standard 16″ and 18″ firebacks used in most Irish housing.

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SHL twinwall flexible flue liner is used to reline a chimney, normally a masonry or concrete built chimney.

30 meter lengths of 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible flue chimney liner are predominantly bought by companies or individuals operating in the trade. Existing trade customers who buy this product consist of chimney specialists, stove fitters / installers, builder merchant, hardware store and stove and fireplace shops.

Tradesmen and the professionals listed above will cut a 30 meter length of 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible flue chimney liner to the appropriate size and use it to reline a chimney flue connected to a fireplace where the original chimney flue was damaged, perhaps in a chimney fire. Usually the existing clay flue liners are removed from the chimney and then the 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible chimney liner is inserted afterwards.

After installing any length of 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible flue chimney liner in Ireland, the solid fuel fireplace or heat producing appliance is permitted to burn bituminous coal, peat and seasoned timber, in addition to smokeless fuel or biomass wood pellets.


You will need to join this piece of 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible flue chimney liner to the flue gatherer which sits on top of the fireback by means of a start-off manchette adapter and in addition, you should protect the top of the flue with a chimney cowl, we have many chimney cowl options to view on this website but the Static Anti Down Draught Chimney Cowl is an excellent choice. Finally, the newly installed 8″ diameter 316 twinwall flexible flue chimney liner must be insulated, we recommend AGC Thermal Wrap.

Please note:

If for example, you need 6 or 9 meters of 8″ 316 twinwall flexible chimney liner please add 6 or 9 of these 1 meter lengths when adding the product to the shopping cart.

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1m 8" 316 Flexible Chimney Liner


Technical Info

For measurements and technical drawing, please download our PDF file for this product.